Upon visiting the torrent site of your choice, use the site’s search engine to narrow down your search. After you’ve decided on which torrent download, you can begin the download itself by clicking on the torrent file. Depending on which torrent site you’re on, you might be prompted to automatically open your torrent client. The torrent client will begin to download your file bit by bit from other users, otherwise known as seeders.

The download speed and all other relevant metrics are the same as you’d find on the specific site Torrends.to pulls data from. However, we do want to praise its seamless design and minimal ad intrusion. If you’re looking for a specific movie, YTS is your best bet. This uncrowned successor to the YIFY group is, by all accounts, the second most popular torrent site .

FAQs: Torrenting and VPNs

And, as one of the clients of BitTorrent, uTorrent works the same way as torrenting described in the above. Lessen the load on centralized servers by distributing the burden among users. Make sure to read the stickied megathread, as it might just answer your question!

  • As Utorrent works fine on Wine’s stable branch, there is no need for us to mess with their unstable branches such as devel and staging.
  • Even when stored under the best conditions, seeds expire.
  • There is no doubt that as far as torrent clients are concerned, only a few of them can match uTorrent in functionality and popularity.

It can become overwhelming to know which is the best option for you. In order to delete a torrent from the app list, go to your torrent list, then long press on the torrent. Tap on the trash can, which will ask if you also want to delete the files. And hey, if you were a fan of Vuze for years before ads were added, you should know a bunch of ex-Vuze developers have split off into their own app, BiglyBT. No ads, no third-party software, but all the features Vuze had from the start. The app is updated regularly too, so you won’t lose out on an active application by switching.

What is a Magnet link?

Just note that you’ll need to use uTorrent Web for Mac Catalina because it’s not compatible with uTorrent Classic. ExpressVPN’s kill switch is great for torrentingThanks to its state-of-the-art security features, you can safely use your torrent client. ExpressVPN uses AES-256 bit encryption, which is impossible to penetrate. Meanwhile, its kill switch cuts you from the internet if your connection unexpectedly drops. Therefore, your personal data won’t be exposed through your torrent client.

A cryptominer is an application that uses your computer’s processors to mine cryptocurrency. Consent forms are disguised to look like part of the uTorrent installation process, which is deliberately misleading. Users reported it was installed without permission and was hard to remove. You’ll now see a window asking wherever you need to save the file, what more space it will actually take on your hard drive, and a few other questions. Go to your preferred torrent site and look for the stuff you’re looking for. In this video, we’re hunting for the free, open-source picture editor GIMP on the Pirate Bay.

If you’re visiting any of the sites below, only download what your country’s laws allow. A VPN will hide your real location and protect your identity so that you can remain hidden from third parties. It’ll also protect you from malware and DDoS attacks by encrypting your internet traffic.